Green Building Projects

Robertson’s is a leader in green building supply and technology by continually looking to the future for the next innovations that will allow us to improve our environment and better serve our customers. As we move forward, the demand for sustainable renovation is even greater than ever, even becoming the standard for many construction projects. In order to meet these demands, we’ve gladly made some adjustments in order to reduce our environmental impact.

From a fleet of low emissions vehicles to reclaimed water, recycled materials and product innovations such as pervious concrete which assists the infiltration of water into the soil by capturing rainwater in a network of voids and allowing it to percolate into the underlying soil. In many cases, previous concrete roadways and parking lots can double as water retention structures, reducing or eliminating the need for traditional storm water management systems.

We believe that green design starts with sustainable building materials. Here at Robertson’s, we’re proud to offer green building materials as well as eco-friendly practices to help better our environment and community. So, don’t hesitate to request our services for your next sustainable renovation project. Call on us, and together, we can safeguard the environment and our quality of life by encouraging green building.

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